If the site is free to play and without any ads, why are you doing this?

This site has been a long-time passion and idea. We have regular day jobs, so this project is done “on the side”, with the player (you and us) in mind. We couldn’t find any Quiz site out there that we truly liked, so we built one.

Do I need to create an account to play the Quizzes?

No, you don’t. However, it is much more fun to play the Quizzes and then save your High Scores, so you can see your progress and also how you compare to other players. It will allow you to see your individual High Scores for each Quiz and also a Leaderboard Ranking (basically a global ranking of all players). If you don’t have an account, your High Scores can’t be saved. Also, adding your own Avatar picture to your profile makes it look more unique in the rankings.

Is my data safe?

When you sign up, we save your email address, username and password and none of those are shared with any third party. We live in such a weird time, and we get the question “Is my data safe?” quite often, so here is your answer: Yes, it is safe.

Does exQUIZitely work on mobile phones and tablets? Do you have an app?

exQUIZitely works best on regular monitors/screens but can still be used on a tablet or mobile phone. Though we think that looking at a tiny screen and trying to get the correct answer based on a small image takes some of the fun away. There is no dedicated exQUIZitely app (yet).

What are Quiz Topics and Quiz Modes?

There are 12 major Quiz Topics (for example Movies & TV, Gaming, History or Sports). Within each topic you will find the actual Quizzes. So, for example, the Sports section would include Quizzes for Football, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics and so on. The Movies and & TV section would include Quizzes for Movies from the 80s, Science Fiction Movies, Anime TV Shows, Actors and so on.

Once you have chosen a Quiz, you will select from 5 different Quiz Modes which are 1-, 2- or 3-Minute Modes, The Stacker Mode and the Sudden Death Mode.

What are the 5 different Quiz Modes?

The 1-, 2- and 3-Minute Modes are pretty self-explanatory. Once you select any of those and start the Quiz you will have either 1, 2 or 3 minutes of play time to get as many answers correct as possible. The Quiz ends when the clock reaches zero.

The Stacker Mode lets you start with 15 seconds on the clock. A correct answer will add 3 seconds to your time, while an incorrect answer will take off 6 seconds. The Quiz ends when the clock reaches zero.

The Sudden Death Mode lets you start with 15 seconds on the clock. A correct answer will reset it back to 15 seconds, an incorrect one will end the Quiz immediately, regardless of how much time is left on the clock. The Quiz also ends when the clock reaches zero.

How is your final Quiz Score calculated?

There are 3 elements that factor into your final Score at the end of a Quiz. The points, the bonus and the multiplier.

You get 100 points for a correct answer and 0 points for an incorrect one.

The bonus is based on a streak of correct answers. If you answer 2 questions in a row correctly, you will get a small bonus of 5. For the third correct answer in a row you get an additional 10 points (so, now your total bonus count is 15), for the fourth correct answer in a row you get an additional 15 points (so, now your total bonus count is 30), and so on. If your streak is interrupted by an incorrect answer, the formerly gained total bonus remains, but your new bonus counter starts again at 5 once you have another streak of 2 correct answers. Sounds a bit complicated? Once you have played a few Quizzes it will seem straight forward, and it is meant to reward players who get multiple correct answers in a row.

Finally, the multiplier starts at 1.00 and increases by 0.02 for each answer (regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect). The multiplier is meant to reward players who are fast. Players who are both fast and correct will get the highest Score, which is calculated at the end of the game as follows: (POINTS + BONUS) x MULTIPLIER.

Example, you played a 1-Minute Mode Quiz and got 10 correct answers with a streak of 4 correct answers at some point, and also 4 incorrect answers. Your final Quiz Score is (POINTS 1000 + BONUS 30) x MULTIPLIER 1.14 and therefore 1174. Again, once you have played a few Quizzes this will become clearer. We thought that just counting points for correct answers was a bit boring and thus we added the bonus and the multiplier.

What Scores are saved?

When you play the same Quiz and Quiz Mode several times (for example you have chosen the Tennis Players Quiz and the 1-Minute Mode), then only your highest ever score will be saved and counted towards your overall rank.

A simple example would go like this: You play the Tennis Player Quiz, 1-Minute Mode today and get a High Score of 1500 points (and this would be the very first time you played it). Your High Score is saved. You play the same Quiz and Mode again and get 1300 points, so this time your High Score is not saved since your previous High Score was better. You play the same Quiz and Mode again tomorrow and reach a High Score of 2000 points, in this case your old High Score is overwritten and replaced with 2000 points. This way we avoid the High Score Lists for each Quiz to be spammed multiple times with the same player and we don’t want to reward quantity over quality. All of your best High Scores are counted towards your Leaderboard ranking.

What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard calculates the weighted average of all your best High Scores. In this context “weighted” means that we value the High Scores for a 1-Minute Mode different from a 2-Minute Mode and a 3-Minute Mode. The reason is – simply put – that a player who plays the 2-Minute Mode of a Quiz will generally get double the points total at the end of that Quiz compared to if he would play the 1-Minute Mode. Double the time (2-Minute Mode) generally means double the points, at least roughly. In order to not favor players who only play the 3-Minute Mode (triple the point potential) we use weighted averages to calculate your Leaderboard ranking.

Here is an example of that weighted average: Let’s assume you play the Tennis Player Quiz in all 5 Modes. In the 1-Minute Mode your High Score is 1000 points, in the 2-Minute Mode you reach a High Score of 2500 points and in the 3-Minute Mode you get 6000 points. You also play the Stacker Mode and get 2000 points and then finally the Sudden Death Mode with 1000 points. The weighted average then goes as follows: 1000 + (2500 / 2) + (6000 / 3) + 2000 + 1000 = 7125. That final number (7125), your weighted average High Score for all 5 Modes in the Tennis Player Quiz, will then be added to your Leaderboard ranking.

A few thoughts: Players who play more Quizzes and Quiz Modes will be rewarded, since they simply increase their chance of getting more High Scores. However, players who are very smart and simply better than others will generally still have an edge over players who simply play a lot (but are not very good). Yet, even if you are the most brilliant Quiz player ever but only play a single Quiz you will probably be overtaken by others in the Leaderboard ranking over time, because – well – they will eventually get more points by playing other Quizzes too.

A very simple example would be player A playing 1 Quiz and getting a great High Score of 20000 points (congratulations!), while player B plays several Quizzes (let’s say 20) and gets an average High Score of 1500 (not too shabby) for each of those. Player B would then be ranked higher in the Leaderboard with 30000 points.

I still have some questions, what do I do now?

You can always send us a message via the contact form. We actually do read every message that we get and reply to it.