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Welcome to exQUIZitely! We hope you enjoy our Quizzes. You can play without signing up, just go to our Quiz Overview page and click on any of the Quizzes to start. If you wish to save your High Score and see your name listed in the High Score lists and Leaderboards, please sign up for free.

You can choose from hundreds of Quizzes, from Sports to Geography, from Movies to Music, from Games to Education. Once you have selected a Quiz, simply choose from the any of the 5 Quiz Modes to play – they are the 1, 2 or 3 Minute Modes, a Stacker Mode (you get extra time for correct answers and lose time for incorrect ones) and the Sudden Death Mode (which ends with your first incorrect answer, it’s quite the challenge).

At the end of a Quiz your Quiz High Score will be ranked against other Players. The Leaderboard will show you a ranking of the best players combining all Quiz High Scores. Details about the scoring and ranking system and much more are explained in our Help section.

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